What is BitcoinEveryday.com?

Bitcoineveryday.com started its journey from the end of 2018 but didn’t went live before 2019. This website is a Personal Blog about a amazing technology named Blockchain and currencies based on this technology (also known as CryptoCurrencies). Even if you are not familiar with the word cryptocurrencies then you should’ve heard about Bitcoins. You can learn about them though our Contents. All of our Contents are written by us and we are the sole owner of it and the copyright holder.

What are our Goals?

Our plan is to make it familiar with everyone from every place, every age. Introducing with you how beautiful it is and how much potentiality it has. Though our every Content of ours we will try to explain it the most easy way possible while its enjoyable for you to read!

What service do offer?

Currently our whole aim is to build a readership and our interact with readers though our content. we want to make this beautiful technology understood by everyone. Providing the best content is out main priority.

Do you teach us how to Make Money?

We wont phrase our Blog as a Money Making Blog as our centered aim is not to teach you “how to make money” but to teach you about Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and other related stuff relating to our niche.

But YES! we will teach you how to earn money from doing things like: Mining, Trading, Joining Airdrops and Bounties (last 2 of those 4 may see unknown to many peoples but don’t worry i’ll introduce them to you as well).